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PAN (2015) Ganool Movie Subtitle Indonesia

New Movie "Pan 2015" Synopsis and trailer

PAN (2015) Ganool Movie Subtitle Indonesia

 Ganool Download –  Pan, the movie genre “Thriller Action Fantasy 3D” is a story that became the forerunner of the story Peterpan. The film was produced by Warner Bros Pictures, which will be directed by Joe Wright and produced by Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and Paul Webster. In addition, the famous actor Hugh Jackman is best known for playing the movie Wolverine in X-Men will also star in the film.

New Movie "Pan 2015" Synopsis and trailer

   This film tells the story of an orphan boy named Peter who was kidnapped by a group of criminals from Blackbeard’s men made in mine workers in a place called Neverland. This stems from, when Peter was a baby, he left his mother in an orphanage with no apparent reason. Peter then stayed in the orphanage along with children orphaned more. On one night, when all the orphans sleep including Peter, came a group of criminals who are subordinates of Blackbeard and kidnapped all orphans in the orphanage.
New Movie "Pan 2015" Synopsis and trailer


   Peter woke up and tried to run away from the criminals. But his efforts were in vain because in the end he was also caught by the criminal. All children orphaned including Peter taken to a ship owned by Blackbeard. All orphans are very surprised because apparently it was not a sailing ship in the water, but it sailed through the air aliases can fly. When all the children have been kidnapped and taken onboard, the ship departed and sailed to a place called Neverland. Arriving at Neverland, all the children were forced to work as miners in the mine Neverland. Once, Peter met with a man named James Hook, who was a miner America. Assisted by James Hook, Peter tried to escape from forced labor and also of the Blackbeard criminals.
  This film will reportedly be aired on July 27, 2015. Moreover, the film is also packaged in the form of 3D, so it will add more vivid impression on the film. Not only Hugh Jackman, there will be some famous artists and actors who will star in the film Pan’s, like, Levi Miller, Garrett Hedlund, Rooney Mara, Amanda Seyfriend, Leni Zieglmeier, Adeel Akhtar, Cara Delevingne, Jack Charles, Na Tae Joo, Nonso Anozie, Kathy Burke, Kurt Egyiawan, and Lewis MacDougall. So, for those of you who liked the movie with the theme of adventure and fantasy, do not miss this film aired on 27 July 2015.
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